Our Products

Metal Works is our profession, but customers are our focus



Providing custom metal fabrication services is the heart of what we do at Jimbo, Whether it’s a railing for new construction, or specific metal parts , we confidently provide solutions for a wide variety of precision metal fabrication needs, indeed.

Our fabricators are top flight craftsman with the skills to transform stock materials into the fabricated metal products you need. In addition, our broad range of in-house capabilities makes it possible for us to provide short lead times. Beyond our in-house capabilities, we also work with trusted vendors to provide additional specialized skills.


Certified welding is important because it gives the customer a high degree of trust that their welds are safe and sound. All certified welds are the result of work from multiple people. Namely, engineers, and welders. Certainly, they all hold each other accountable for their work. Firstly, it starts with the design of the welded joints that follow Weld Society (or customer-based specifications). Then, it ends with the final visual inspection of welds by a trained professional. Alas, Certified welding is never the work of an individual, but rather a team of experts!


Our capabilities to provide first class stainless steel fabrication services offers us an edge over our competitors in the industry. Apart from providing standard products, we also offer customized solutions for all of your requirements.

Our metal fabricating machinery, along with our expert welding capabilities, make us the best choice to handle your projects for stainless steel metal fabrication. We have a variety of current welding machines to produce the best, most efficient and cosmetic looking weld for each application.


Our custom metal fabrication shop, thereby, metal forming (or bending) is one of our core competencies. Many of the fabrications we produce has formed parts as components of the product. This department consists of three press brakes to put the accurate bends needed in the metal fabrications produced at Astro. Our largest capacity machine for metal forming is a 350-ton, 14’ Hydraulic Cincinnati with a touch screen CNC control. Two other press brakes, along with the tooling, round out this department.